January - June 2007:  Sports Management Certificate Program (37 Participants)

Coordianted by Ahmet Güvener, six modules were covered: The Upper Management of Sports, Management and Organisation at Sports, Communication and Using Technology at Sports, Fiscal Management at Sports, Sports Marketing and Success Stories at Sports Management.

Lecture topics:

What is Sports?, Fanship, Belonging and Fairplay, Sports and Ethics, Economy of Sports, The Evaluation of TFF Regulations, The Organisation of Olympics, Sports Law Judiciary in Turkey and in the World, Sports Psychology, Character Profiles at Sports, Project Management, Crisis Management, Leadership and Leadership Tools, Management Methods, Planning, Deciding and Supervision, Risk Management, Human Resources Management, Sports Organisations Management, Group Dynamics at Sports, Performance Management, Career Management at Sports, Team Management, Practical Sports Management, Media Relationship Management, Body Language and Communication, Psychological Preparation at Sports, Speaking Turkish: The Right Way, Stress at Sports and Dealing With It, Communication and Technology at Sports, Communication at Sports Management